BBQ Grill Cleaning Demystified

Grilling season is upon us, it’s time to get the grill ready for a full season of cookouts and the first step is to clean your BBQ grill. Most people wipe down their grill at the end of summer for winter storage. But, it’s important to clean the grill thoroughly before you use it and that will be the focus of this article.

1.  Why is Regular Cleaning Important?

There may be remnants of burned-on food on the grill that may contain bacteria and they could degrade the flavors of the food you cook. When the BBQ is dirty, it’s less efficient which can lead to uneven and longer cooking times. Every surface needs cleaning, including the grates, the firebox interior (charcoal models), the burner tubes (gas models), the flavorizing bars and the hood. This process is easier if you give the grill a quick scrub and clean after each use.

2.  The BBQ Cleaning Tools

At the local hardware store, you will find a plethora of grill-cleaning tools and gadgets. But, these are not really necessary, all you really need are a wire bottle brush, a long-handled wire brush, a wet/dry vac, a plastic putty knife, and a 5 gallon bucket. Don’t use chemical cleaners because they can affect the taste of your food. The best cleaning solution is warm water, some grease-cutting soap, and a homemade cleaning paste made with baking soda and white vinegar. A pair of long rubber gloves will protect your hands and you may want a stainless-steel cleaner to make your grill shine. But, if you clean the grill on a sunny day, it makes the streaks harder to remove so this task is easier when it’s overcast.

3. The BBQ Cleaning Basics

During the summer, it’s important to scrub the grill gates after each cooking session. Make sure to remove loose wire bristles before you fire up your grill. If you tend to grill once per week, it’s a good idea to give the grates a deep clean every two months. At least twice per grilling season, it’s advisable to carry out thorough cleaning. This keeps your grill in great shape and it may even extend the lifespan. The basic cleaning techniques presented later are pretty much the same for gas or charcoal models. The only real consideration is that charcoal grills have fewer parts and gas grills have some specialized components.

4.  12 Steps to Clean the BBQ Grill

  1. Fire up the grill, close the hood, bring it to temperature, and leave it for 30 minutes to singe stuck-on grease and food deposits.
  2. Fill the bucket with warm soapy water, dip in the wire brush and scrub the grate to remove carbon deposits.
  3. Turn off the gas, disconnect the propane tank, move it to a safe location and allow the grill to cool.
  4. If you have a charcoal grill, dump out the old briquettes in a metal container and scrape away the dust and debris.
  5. Remove the grates and flavorizer bars and soak them in warm soapy water for 30 minutes.
  6. Any easily removable items, including control knobs, grease trays, and warming racks should be removed.
  7. Some gas grills have removable burner tubes that you remove now.
  8. Put an empty bucket under the firebox, and scrape any gunk away with a plastic putty knife to prevent scratching.
  9. Clean away loose debris with a wet/dry vacuum.
  10. Scrub every surface, stubborn crud can be removed with the baking soda/vinegar mix.
  11. Rinse the surface clean with a garden hose.
  12. Once the parts are dry, reassemble.

5.  BBQ Cleaning Tips

  1. When the BBQ is disassembled, inspect the gas burner tubes for corrosion at the holes and brush them clean with the wire bottle brush.
  2. Any chipped surfaces should be protected with a coat of oil.
  3. Crumpled aluminum foil can be an improvised grate cleaning wire brush.
  4. Don’t use abrasives on finished surfaces.
  5. Microfiber towels are a great option for drying and wiping.

When the grill is fully assembled, fire it up for 15 minutes, turn it off, and let it cool to complete the cleaning. There are many options for an appliance installation and understanding your options fully will help you to get the most out of your BBQ grill. For expert help with your appliance installation, speak to a professional installation and repair provider.