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At Universal Appliance Repair, our experience puts us above the competition in terms of home appliance maintenance and repair. For over 20 years, we’ve been providing exceptional appliance services to the Los Angeles area. With the hard work of our professional repair technicians, we’ve led the industry in quality and efficiency.

We understand that success lies in a satisfied client base; it is because of this that we reward our repeat clients with a membership in our popular loyalty program which give discounts off future repairs.

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5 Reasons to Clean Your Household Appliances Regularly

Most people enjoy relaxing in a clean home environment and many of us cannot rest until our areas are clean. We tend to spend a lot of time at home and cleanliness is a natural and practical need. But, an area that is often neglected when it comes to [...]

5 Tips to Get Ink Out of Your Dryer

Many fabrics are color fast to ensure that the ink doesn’t run when they are washed. But, this is a feature with varying levels of effectiveness and some fabrics don’t seem to hold their colors well. When ink leeches away from a fabric, it can ma [...]

8 Things You Should Not Place in a Dishwasher

When you’re faced with a pile of dishes to wash, you’ll be glad that you invested in a dishwasher. But, like any complex piece of equipment, it’s important to protect your investment and there are some items that should not be placed in your di [...]

Unexpected Items That You Can and Cannot Put in Your Washing Machine

Laundry can be a real chore, but it can be made even more difficult when you put unsuitable items into your machine. While you may consider yourself an experienced laundry warrior, you may be surprised at the items that you can and cannot put in your [...]

How to Clean those Dirtiest Parts of Your Range

While many of us love the idea of a clean and germ free kitchen, the reality is that kitchens can become very dirty. One of the hardest working appliances in our kitchens is the range, and there are parts or crevices that tend to be vulnerable to dir [...]