6 Refrigerator Cleaning and Organization TIPS

Every couple of months, it’s a good idea to give the refrigerator a deeper clean, and this is the perfect opportunity to organize the contents. A clean, healthy, and well organized refrigerator makes food storage much easier. In this article, we will take a closer look at six refrigerator cleaning and organization hacks that you can try for yourself.

1.  Use the Crisper Drawers Properly

If your refrigerator has crisper drawers, they should be used to store fruits and vegetables. All too often, people use these areas as general storage areas, and the fruits and veggies are lurking in plastic bags and containers. Fresh food will last longer if it’s washed, dried, and stored properly. Fruit and vegetables should be kept in separate drawers to prevent premature ripening and spoilage from ethylene gas. Smaller food items can be washed and kept in containers that are placed in the drawers for convenience. If fruits are too ripe, put them in a ziplock bag in the freezer and use them for smoothies.

2.  Make the Most of Door Storage

The refrigerator door storage shelves are not well suited for foods that need to be kept at a consistent temperature. But, they are ideal for prepared foods and condiments that have a long shelf life. Organize the bottles and cans from the tallest to the shortest and adjust the shelves to fit these sizes. This will maximize the storage height that’s wasted in many refrigerator doors. A simple hack is to place collected packets of sauces from restaurants in a small container to keep them neat, tidy, and easy to access.

3. Meat, Poultry, and Fish

These food items should be stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, which tends to be colder, and the temperature is more consistent. This will also prevent drips from landing on food stored below, which can lead to contamination and health problems. The most perishable foods and those with the shortest dates should be moved to the front. This will help you to plan meals efficiently, and the food wastage will be reduced.

4.  Stackable Tupperware

Tupperware and similar sealable and stackable containers are a great option when you want to organize food storage in your refrigerator. The containers can be labeled, moved easily, and washed quickly, which makes them a joy to use. Food can be broken down into smaller portions, leftovers can be stored, and items can be transferred to and from the freezer. Stacking containers make the best use of the height between shelves, which is often wasted.

5.  Natural Homemade Cleaners

Many store bought cleaners are harsh, and they may have a chemical odor that you don’t want to use in a refrigerator. The best way to keep the fridge smelling fresh and clean is to clean it thoroughly with homemade cleaners. The ingredients to make cleaner are often in your store cupboard already. They include vinegar, baking soda, and lemons. Baking soda is a fantastic base for many homemade cleaners, and a container left open in the refrigerator acts as a natural deodorizer.

In Conclusion

Regular cleaning and a well-organized refrigerator can make life easier and more pleasant. Food wastage is minimized, and you can easily find food items when you’re planning meals. If your refrigerator is an older model, it may lack modern features and energy efficiency, and that can be frustrating. Regular maintenance and repairs can keep an older appliance running for longer, but there is a point of diminishing returns.

If you are considering a new appliance, you can rely on a home appliance installation and repair technician to help you get the best out of your new refrigerator.