Saving Money When You Purchase New Appliances

The best way to avoid paying too much for a new appliance is to avoid rushing and to carry out due diligence. Planning for a new appliance and thoroughly researching it is the surest way to avoid buyer’s remorse. Let’s face it, big ticket items, such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, water heaters, and others, are a significant investment. In this article, we will present five tips to help you get the best deals on new appliances for your home.or yourself.

1.  Timing Your Purchases

It’s tempting to get the appliance that you want and need immediately, but this can be a costly mistake. When you time your purchases correctly, you can save a lot of money and get the exact appliance that you’ve thoroughly researched. Many sellers have discount periods when they clear out existing stock to make way for new items. This period will vary depending on the kind of appliance that you want to purchase. The new refrigerator models tend to hit the stores in March/April and June/July before the warmer weather arrives. Also, in March/April, the new washers and dryers arrive, and other appliances, such as dishwashers, tend to come in throughout the year. Three day weekends and Black Friday sales events are also popular times to get the best deals.

2.  Price Matching

Many sellers have price matching, which is in effect even after the completion of a sale. If the same make and model is advertised during that price matching period which is usually 2-4 weeks, they will refund the difference between the price you paid and the advertised price. The exact selling policies can vary a great deal between stores, and it’s important to check the retailer’s website to understand their price matching programs.

3. Purchasing Incentives

There are times when manufacturers and retail outlets offer incentives to potential customers to secure a sale. These are usually discounts, rebates, or extended warranty periods that offer a lot of extra value. This happens when the appliances have been in the inventory too long, and they are taking up valuable warehouse space. They may be overstocked, and space is needed for newer products that are likely to sell faster. But, it’s important to review the incentive details carefully to make sure that it’s right for you. Some incentive deals are not applied automatically at the time of purchase, and it may be necessary to submit your details online or even by mail to meet the deadlines.

4.  Consider All Costs

At first glance, a deal may look like an attractive proposition because the price is low. But, this is not the only determining factor; there are other costs that can increase the price to make the appliance deal less attractive. Some common fees that can be applied to your purchase include delivery, installation, removing the old appliance, and more. When you’re looking at an appliance deal, look at the other costs to get the real price before you make a commitment to buy.

5.  Open Box and Floor Models

Appliances that have been displayed or returned may be discounted due to minor damage and packaging issues. If you’re not concerned about appliances in pristine condition, it may be possible to ask for a floor model deal. Open box appliances have been purchased, opened, and returned because they didn’t match the buyer’s expectations. It is possible to get a great deal, you can get a discount, and the warranty, return, and exchange policies are still in effect.

If you’re in the market for a new appliance, you can rely on a professional home appliance installation and repair specialist to ensure that you get the best out of your new appliance.