A Bathroom Remodel Could Increase the Value of Your Home

The bathrooms are essential rooms in any modern home and yet they are often overlooked when it comes to remodeling projects. When a bathroom is added or updated, it can add significant value to a home. But, the upgrade must be stylish and practical to improve the salability of your home.

1.  How to Update an Existing Bathroom

The parameters of the space are already defined and this can make the remodeling process easier. Simply determine what you want to do, consider the practical aspect and scope of the project, and get started. Before you begin, there can be no damaged areas or leaks that will interfere with the progress of the bathroom remodel. Investing money into structural, plumbing, and electrical upgrades can be costly. But, these aspects of the bathroom must be working correctly before you focus on any cosmetic changes that you may want to make. But, there is good news, when you discover a problem and fix it, this may increase the home value significantly.

It’s important to decide if you want to create more room, update the current design, or change the layout. Sticking with the layout you already have will lower the costs of the project because you won’t need to make major changes to the plumbing and/or electrical system. If you have some DIY skills, you can lower the budget further by working on the small stuff. But, if you need walls moving or plumbing changes, it’s a great idea to hire a contractor and/or a professional plumber.

It’s hard to calculate the average price of a bathroom remodel because there are too many factors to consider. But, you could expect to pay from $3,000 up to $10,000 for a basic remodeling project. According to Remodeling Magazine, the national average is almost $24,000 and homeowners can recoup around 60% back when they sell their homes. A high-end bathroom remodel could cost around $100,000 and approximately 53% would be recouped when the home sells.

2.  Which Aspects of Bathroom Remodels Offers the Biggest ROI?

When you approach a bathroom remodeling project to improve the value or salability of your home, it’s important to adopt a detached attitude. The return on investment (ROI) should be your only concern and there are some features that give you more bang for your buck. Consider adding or improving the following features to make the space more practical and to add a touch of luxury, they are a shower seat, a double sink, heated flooring, a steam shower, a jacuzzi tub, and extra storage. Pick neutral colors that allow the potential buyers to imagine how they would use and personalize their new bathroom. Adding brighter lights, full length mirrors, and wall sconces will make the bathroom look bigger.

3. How to Add an Extra Bathroom

If you have some spare space and you’re lacking in the bathroom department, it’s a great idea to have one or even two extra bathrooms. This is a complex undertaking, the project will require input from a general contractor and probably some specialized experts too. But, according to HGTV most home buyers are looking for a master bath, a family bath, and an extra half bath for their guests.

The first step is to check if this is feasible and an appraiser can give you an estimate of the value that may be added to your home. Another approach is to contact a realtor and ask them to compare the value of your home with others that are on sale in your neighborhood. The changes that you want to make may place your home out of the reach of potential buyers for your area. If this is the case it’s important to scale back and go with a more modest project.

If you have any equity in your home, it can be used to finance a loan to cover the addition or remodel. With a favorable ROI, this makes good sense and you get to enjoy the bathrooms as you’re preparing to sell. There are a number of appliance installation options and educating yourself will ensure that you achieve the maximum functionality and enjoyment from your appliances. For practical advice and guidance, contact your local professional home appliance installation technician for expert help.