5 Tips to get ink out of your dryer

Many fabrics are color fast to ensure that the ink doesn’t run when they are washed. But, this is a feature with varying levels of effectiveness and some fabrics don’t seem to hold their colors well. When ink leeches away from a fabric, it can make the colors dull and flat. But, there is a wider problem to consider, each successive load can be affected by the ink and this can create dark spots on your fabrics. If you have ink in your dryer, here are five tips that can help you to deal with the problem.

1.  Applying Acetone

Most nail polish removers contain acetone, which is highly effective when removing ink stains. The technique is simple, soak a soft cloth or some cotton balls with the nail polish remover and rub the affected areas. This may require considerable effort, but you should start to see the ink stains fade and eventually disappear. In most cases, the acetone will simply evaporate if the dryer is left open. But you can remove the remaining acetone with some old damp towels to complete the process if you’re in a hurry to use the dryer.

2.  Heating up the Drum

When you have mild ink stains to remove you can try to loosen them by warming up the dryer drum for around 20 minutes. Select a hot setting to make the ink soft, pliable, and easier to wipe away later. When the drum stops you may be able to wipe the area clean with a slightly damp cloth and a little elbow grease.

3.  Using Bleach

Bleach is a very effective cleaning product and it’s a great option when you want to disinfect your dryer. Simply saturate some old towels with an equal mix of bleach and water and place them in your dryer. Then run your dryer on the hot setting for around 20 minutes to loosen and remove the ink stains. This will also help to remove any bacteria that has built-up inside the dryer.

4.  Heavy-Duty Cleaning Products

If you have heavy ink staining in your dryer it may not be possible to remove them with gentler techniques. At this point, you may consider using a heavy-duty industrial strength cleaning product to deal with the staining. This will be effective, but you need to make sure that all traces of these powerful cleaning agents are removed before using the dryer. Any chemical residues that remain could damage your laundry and ruin your fabrics. After the cleaning, use some old damp towels to clear away any remaining chemicals.

5.  Cleaning the Paddles

When you clean out the dryer drum it’s easy to forget about the paddles but there could be ink stains lurking there too. The most effective method to remove these stains is rubbing alcohol which can be wiped over the paddles and drum with a sponge. This can take some time, but it’s essential to be methodical and deal with each ink stain as you find it.

Dealing with ink stains is important if you want to avoid the transfer of ink to your fabrics. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of checking the drum periodically for any signs of ink stains. When the dryer becomes hot it will make the ink stains prone to transferring from the drum or paddles. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to repair or replace the drum or paddles to remove extensive ink stains.

If you have any problems with your dryer, you can rely on an experienced home appliance repair technician to help you fix the problem.