How to Install a Refrigerator Water Filter

Many of today’s best refrigerators feature exceptional water dispensers that supply your home with fresh and clean water. To keep your water clean, your unit utilizes its own water filter, which will need to be periodically changed in order to maintain water quality.

If you notice strange tastes coming from your refrigerator’s water, it is probably time to change your unit’s filter. But how do you install a refrigerator water filter? To help with this maintenance task, we’ve compiled some useful information on refrigerator water filter installation.

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What Type Of Water Filter Does Your Refrigerator Have?

Before attempting to replace your water filter, you need to know what type of filter your refrigerator uses. There are three common types of refrigerator water filters, and each is located in a different place in the appliance:

  • Twist-In Water Filter: These filters, also known as quarter-turn filters, usually installed inside the refrigerator, can be found in the unit’s upper right corner. These filters have a twist release mechanism for installation.
  • In-Line Water Filter: This type of filter is attached to the incoming water line in the back of your appliance. To find this filter, you will need to pull your refrigerator away from the wall and inspect its back.
  • Push-In Water Filter: This filter is installed within the refrigerator, and can usually be found in one of three places — in the upper right corner of the unit, in a front compartment on the bottom of the unit, or behind the refrigerator grille. It will have a push button that allows you to take out the filter.

Changing a Twist-In Water Filter

To change a twist-in/quarter-turn filter, you need to locate the filter and give its twist release a quarter turn counterclockwise. If it is difficult to twist, you can use a wrench to release the filter. When the filter cap is in a vertical position, you can pull it out and attach it to your new filter. Next, simply slide your new filter into position and turn it until you hear a “click” noise, indicating that the filter is securely in place.

Changing a Push-In Water Filter

APush-in filters are the easiest type of filter to replace. All you need to do is locate the old filter and push the button next to the filter to eject it, being sure that you remove the filter cap for reuse. Put the filter cap on your new filter, and slide it in to place. When the eject button pops up in to place, you’ll know that your new filter is properly installed.

Changing an In-Line Water Filter

Changing an in-line water filter is a difficult task, since it will require you to turn off your cold-water supply and cut water tubing in order to replace the filter. We highly recommend contacting a home appliance maintenance service to handle this task, as mistakes can cause damage to your refrigerator and flooding in your kitchen.

Refrigerator Maintenance & Repair Services For The Modern Home

Many homeowners love to take advantage of the water dispensers featured in their modern refrigerators, and there is no reason you should have to drink dirty water because of an old water filter. When you know the differences between the three common types of filters, you’ll be in the perfect position to change them on your own. Should you need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact a home appliance repair service.