Why Is Your Gas Cooktop Burner Clicking?

Many homeowners choose to install a gas cooktop in their kitchen, taking advantage of the powerful heat and easily adjustable controls these appliances are known to feature. When igniting your cooktop, you’ll likely notice it clicks a few times before being lit. However, excessive clicking from your burners could be a major problem that prevents you from using your appliance.

Why is your gas cooktop burner clicking? And how do you solve this problem? To help with your cooktop maintenance and repair needs, we’ve gathered some information on the common causes of clicking in a gas cooktop burner.

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Excess Moisture

If you want to have a beautiful kitchen, you’ll have to periodically clean your cooktop. Cleaning your gas cooktop is a necessary chore, but this process can actually result in the clicking noise you hear coming from your burner.

Most homeowners use some type of cleaning solution — whether it be a specially formulate chemical cleaner, vinegar or water — to remove grease and grime from their cooktop. These solutions can leave excess moisture around the appliances burner switches or ignition area, causing them to malfunction and preventing them from lighting. If you’ve recently cleaned your unit, allow it to dry for several hours before attempting to light your burners. If your burners continue to click and do not ignite after they are dry, you may want to contact a home appliance repair technician for an inspection.

Burner Is Not Shut Off

It’s normal to hear your burners click several times as they attempt to ignite, but if you notice a clicking noise while your appliance is off, you may want to further check your unit.

Sometimes, this noise can simply be caused by accidentally leaving your burners on. Be sure to check each burner control knob to ensure they are completely turned to the “OFF” position. On some cooktops, you need to ensure the knob has been popped out in addition to turning it to the “OFF” position. Should you notice continuous clicking after your burner is properly turned off, or after it has already ignited, you should immediately turn off the unit’s gas supply and contact a professional cooktop repair technician, as this indicates a larger issue with your unit’s ignition system.

Switch Or Ignition System Malfunction

Another common cause of clicking in your gas cooktops burners is a malfunction in its switch or ignition system.

In order to test these components, you will need to locate the switch and igniter and test that these parts are receiving power with an OHM meter. The igniter is attached to the burner from either above or below, while the switch can be accessed through your unit’s access panel. These parts can be difficult to locate and test, and if you suspect they are defective, you should contact a cooktop repair service for assistance.

Cooktop Is Dirty or Greasy

Should you notice a clicking noise after you light your burners, your problem may the result of a dirty or greasy appliance.

A gas burner’s electrode is the small piece of metal that the component’s spark comes off of, and it’s common for these pieces to get dirty or greasy. Similarly, it’s normal for the holes in your burner to get clogged with grime. If you suspect this is your problem, you can use a paper clip or metal pin to carefully poke the burner holes in order to clear them. On most units, you can also remove the top part of the burner to clean around the electrode. If this cleaning does not remedy your problem, do not hesitate to seek help from a factory-certified appliance repair service.

Efficient & Effective Gas Cooktop Repairs

A functional gas cooktop is the cornerstone of many kitchens, and clicking noises from your cooktop can be a warning sign of impending problems. Once you understand the common causes of this cooktop repair problem, you’ll be better suited to diagnose and solve the issue.

Repairing a gas cooktop is a challenging endeavor for many homeowners, and if you need assistance, you should definitely contact a professional home appliance repair service.