Is Your Refrigerator Running Overtime?

The modern kitchen is not complete without a working refrigerator. It is almost impossible to keep your produce and perishable foods stored safely if your refrigerator is not working correctly. If your refrigerator starts to run continuously, you may need help from a professional appliance repair specialist, but here we will explore the reasons why you could be experiencing this problem to begin with.

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Inadequate Clearance

Proper airflow is essential for many home appliances, but it is particularly vital for refrigerators. There needs to be adequate clearance between the wall and your condenser coils. If there is inadequate clearance it can allow heat to build up, which reduces efficiency and is likely to cause almost continuous operation.

High Temperatures

During certain times of the year, especially here in Southern California, the temperature inside your home can rise to an uncomfortable level. When this occurs, your refrigerator is likely to need to run additional cycles to compensate for the external temperature and keep your food cold. You can ease the pressure on your refrigerator by increasing airflow in your kitchen; opening doors to prevent the room from becoming overly warm.

New Installation

If you’ve just had a new refrigerator installed or you have recently moved the appliance, it can take up to 48 hours to settle and reach your desired temperature. During this time, your refrigerator may be running almost continuously to reach the optimum temperature as quickly as possible.

Faulty Thermostat

If your thermostat is not functioning correctly, it will cause your appliance to work harder to maintain optimum temperature levels. In some situations, a similar result can occur if the thermostat is set too high, as the effectiveness of your refrigerator to chill food is compromised.

Damaged Coils

One of the most common causes of refrigerators running overtime is dirty or damaged condenser coils. Your appliance depends on properly functioning, clean coils to create a cold environment and dissipate heat. Even a small amount of dust or dirt on the coils can create a significant impact on the performance and energy efficiency of your appliance.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

While many of these issues can be resolved by the homeowner, some situations will require the attention of a professional appliance repair specialist. A regular visit from an experienced professional can help to prevent these types of problems and even extend the lifespan of your refrigerator. Regular maintenance creates an opportunity for any minor issues to be quickly addressed before they develop into a more serious problem. During servicing, the technician will examine and clean the coils, check your thermostat and ensure that any worn components are replaced. This will improve the efficiency of your refrigerator and ensure that it delivers optimum performance.

There are a number of reasons why your refrigerator may be having issues and educating yourself on some of the common causes of problems can help you to tackle some of the simpler repair projects. While many common problems can be easily solved on your own, for a long-lasting, effective solution, you can rely on a professional home appliance repair technician to ensure the job gets done correctly.

For help with any refrigerator repair issue, be sure you contact a professional appliance repair service.