The Importance of Using a Factory Authorized Service Center

With the massive amounts of information on the internet, many people start to believe that there are quick fixes and shortcuts to handling appliance repairs. Social media is packed with DIY information and projects. You only need to visit Pinterest or YouTube, and you’re likely to come across hundreds of hacks that can convince you that servicing and maintaining an appliance can be done by anyone. So, why is it important to use a factory authorized center?

Image of a Universal Appliance Repair Van


Service centers are only authorized by an appliance manufacturer after they have been through an extensive process. This process is not merely about training; there are evaluations of scheduled and after hours availability, criminal background checks of employees, investigations into service history and positive customer experiences, and confirmation of compliance with federal, state and local codes and ordinances, as well as insurance liability coverage. In fact, the manufacturer needs assurance that the service center maintains proper insurance and licenses so their customers will have maximum protection.

This extensive process means that as a consumer, you don’t need to worry about whether a service center is trustworthy. You have an assurance that this is a business you can trust.


A service center can only achieve an Authorized stamp of approval when they have proven their expertise. The technicians receive specialist training that includes using test equipment for real world experience, studying products and learning to estimate repair costs accurately. The technicians at an authorized service center not only need to learn this information, but need to maintain their knowledge base and stay current on the latest trends and products. This means continuous training to enhance their expertise. Additionally, since a factory authorized service center offers a specialist service, they will attract more customers, which leads to even greater expertise.

Genuine Parts

Manufacturers use exclusive data to develop a list of replacement parts most required around the world. A factory authorized service center will carry many of these parts in their inventory. This means that consumers can gain ready access to genuine parts. Unlike with other service centers, you won’t need the technician to order a new part and get back to you. While it may be possible to wash your dishes by hand for a couple of days or wait to wash a load of laundry until the new part arrives, do you really want to? You’re likely to have better things to do, so take advantage of ready access to genuine parts.

Reassurance of Protecting Your Warranty

When you have a new or almost new appliance, you may not be aware that you could invalidate your warranty by allowing a non-authorized technician to tinker with your appliance. A factory authorized service center technician is trained to understand all the warranty details and can act on behalf of the manufacturer for any covered repairs.

Recall Information

Since factory authorized service center technicians stay current with the latest manufacturer information, you will be kept aware of any recall information that may be released relating to your appliance model. The technicians can also provide you with repair assistance you may not have realized you needed.

The next time your appliance needs a little attention, remember that your appliance manufacturer put their name on the front. That same manufacturer would only authorize a top notch repair company after an extensive vetting process to become a factory authorized service center. So, be sure to only entrust your appliance with a trusted service provider.

There are a host of appliance repair issues you may face, and it is important that you can count on a professional home appliance repair technician for a long lasting solution.

For help with all your appliance repair needs, ensure you contact a professional appliance repair service.