The 3 Things to keep in mind when fixing common dryer problems

When your dryer has a problem, you can always call Universal Appliance Repair, and we will always be happy to help.  However, sometimes all it takes to fix a malfunctioning dryer is a little elbow grease.  While we value your business like no other appliance repair service in L.A. or anywhere else, we are want to empower our customers with the knowledge to fix some of the most common problems.

Image of a washer.

1. Is it the fuse?

One thing that could be wrong with your dryer is a bad fuse.  Luckily this can be easily replaced, and better yet, if the fuse is indeed the culprit you can fix it yourself.  To diagnose and fix this problem, carefully remove the back panel and examine the thermal fuse.  If the fuse is broken, remove it, note its type, and buy a duplicate fuse.

2. Is it the temperature switch?

Another place to check is if you have a bad temperature switch.  You can open up your dryer control panel by removing the knob on the temperature switch and unscrewing the front/ back covers or releasing the clips holding the cover in place.  You will need a Volt-Ohm meter to test the temperature switch.  Start by setting it to RX1 then remove the leads and touch the probes to the switch’s terminals. You should have a reading of zero or infinity.  If not, then your switch needs to be replaced. Now that your panel is already open, simply disconnect the damaged part, take it to your appliance store and replace it with a compatible part.

3. Is it a bad thermostat?

Take a look at your thermostat by removing the back panel to your dryer.  Using a multimeter and setting it to RX1, you can test the status of the thermostat.  Remove a lead from one of the two outside terminals and press the probes to the terminals.  If you’re reading is 0, then your thermostat is working properly.  However, if it is not 0, you will need to change your thermostat.

You can do this by disconnecting the rest of the wires from the terminals and remove the screw that secures it.  Take it out and place in a compatible part.  Replace the screw to hold it in place, and reconnect the wires to their original connections.

If you still need assistance with your dryer, don’t hesitate to call Universal Appliance Repair.