Tips to Keep Your Dryer in Great Condition

For many of us, there is nothing nicer than putting on a warm shirt fresh out of the dryer. Dryers have become a vital appliance in many homes, but not everything in the modern world is built to last. So, if you want to minimize the risk of your dryer going on the fritz, here are some maintenance tips to keep your dryer in great condition.

Close up image of a dryer

Clean Your Lint Screen

Although it is easy to overlook, the lint screen or trap on your dryer needs to be cleaned after each cycle. The reason for this is that lint can be highly flammable and allowing it to build-up can create a fire hazard in your home. In fact, each year lint and clogged filters are the underlying cause of hundreds of house fires. You should not only develop a habit of cleaning your lint screen after each cycle, but also clean the lint screen chute with a long handled brush or vacuum cleaner at least once a year. This will remove any accumulation of lint and hair, removing the fire hazard.

Check For Lint Inside the Dryer

Even if you’re diligent about maintenance and cleaning the lint filter, lint can still accumulate inside your dryer. If you have reasonable DIY sales, each year you should disassemble your dryer and use a vacuum cleaner to clear any accumulated lint. If you lack confidence in your DIY skills, you can always call in an appliance repair specialist to perform this maintenance task for you.

Replace Your Dryer Tubing

If your dryer is an older model, you may find that there is white vinyl tubing that is attached to the appliance. This creates two problems; firstly vinyl is very restrictive making it prone to cracks and damage when used as tubing. Secondly, vinyl tubing fails to meet the U.S federal fire safety standards. If you check and find that your dryer has vinyl tubing, it is a good idea to replace it with aluminum tubing.

Perform an Annual Vent Clean

It is a good habit to perform a clean of your entire dryer venting system each year. You’ll need an extendable cleaning brush to clear the lint that has accumulated inside the tubing that connects the back of your dryer to the outside of your home. Again, if you lack the DIY skills for this task, you can ask your appliance repair technician to perform this aspect of maintenance.

Clear Your Vent Cap

The vent cap is a screen on the outer part of your venting system. Unfortunately, since the vent cap is outside your home, it is vulnerable to becoming blocked by leaves, shrubbery and other garden debris. This reduces airflow and will reduce the effectiveness of your dryer. Periodically, you should check your vent cap and clear it as necessary. Pay close attention to your vent cap after wind storms or other inclement weather that may have pushed debris into the cap.

Monitor Your Drying

Most models of dryer take approximately 45 minutes to dry a full laundry load. Many of us take this for granted, but it is a good idea to monitor your dryer performance. If you find that your dryer does take longer, or you need to use multiple cycles to dry a load, there is likely to be a clog in the venting system or some other issue that needs to be addressed.

If you’re having problems with dryer performance, you can rely on the expertise of a professional appliance repair technician to assist you. For help with all of your dryer repair and maintenance needs, ensure you consult a professional appliance repair service.