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At Universal Appliance Repair, our experience puts us above the competition in terms of home appliance maintenance and repair. For over 20 years, we’ve been providing exceptional appliance services to the Los Angeles area. With the hard work of our professional repair technicians, we’ve led the industry in quality and efficiency.

We understand that success lies in a satisfied client base; it is because of this that we reward our repeat clients with a membership in our popular loyalty program which give discounts off future repairs.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Dishwasher Efficiency

Published: October 17, 2020
A dishwasher is a fantastic labor saving device, and anyone that has one wonders how they managed without one. Many people believe that a dishwasher is a luxury appliance, but this is a better way to wash dishes, and it consumes less water than hand [...]
Image of a dishwasher

6 Ways to Get the Best From Your Repair Service Appointment

Published: September 14, 2018
Modern life is very busy. From chauffeuring your kids around, to managing your work life, it can be difficult to find ANY me time, let alone time for your appliances. By taking some time to prepare, you can get the best from your repair service appoi [...]
Image of a man turning an oven control knob

Oven Maintenance to Prepare for Baking

Published: May 03, 2018
Whether you enjoy baking a pie or making breads, you need to ensure that your oven is ready to handle this potentially delicate task. While preparing any type of meal needs a reliable oven, in baking a poorly maintained oven can compromise the rise, [...]
Image of two people in front of an oven

Avoid Repairs with Washer and Dryer Maintenance

Published: April 26, 2018
While no one enjoys taking on more household chores, washer and dryer maintenance can reduce the number of times you’ll need to call in a repair technician. Even if you have a great repair technician, calling in for a repair can be time-consuming. [...]
Image of a washer and dryer

How-To Guide to Freezer Maintenance

Published: December 28, 2017
The freezer is an essential component of any kitchen, providing the dedicated storage space required for ice, pre-made meals, frozen desserts and more. While plenty of homeowners take advantage of their freezer units, few actually know how to perform [...]
Image of an open freezer