6 Ways to Get the Best From Your Repair Service Appointment

Modern life is very busy. From chauffeuring your kids around, to managing your work life, it can be difficult to find ANY me time, let alone time for your appliances. By taking some time to prepare, you can get the best from your repair service appointment with these simple steps.

Image of a man turning an oven control knob

Create Clear Access

One of the most significant time wasting issues for a repair technician is failing to provide access to the appliance. When you’re expecting a repair technician, clean up around your appliance. This will make the job easier and faster for the technician. Many home appliances can end up attracting clutter, so clear your clutter and ensure that the area is also free of pets or small children to prevent a safety hazard and provide space for the technician to work.

Have Multiple Appliances Checked

You can save time by having your service technician check more than one appliance during your appointment. Some companies may even offer a discount or promotional rate for multiple repairs in one visit. Since some of the repair bill is related to the travel time to get to your home, by having more than one appliance checked during your appointment, you will save on the costs of multiple visits.

Ask About the Repair

Many homeowners can feel a little overwhelmed when a repair technician starts to talk in technical terms, but it is essential to understand the repair details. You need to know what caused the problem and if it could have been prevented. Most professional repair techs are happy to take a little time to explain the repair details, and this could help you to improve your appliance care, which could prevent the issues from reoccurring in the future.

Get Maintenance Tips

If you have a question about your dryer or fridge, even if your tech is servicing your dishwasher, be sure to ask. Repair technicians are knowledgeable professionals, so you should take full advantage of having an expert in your home. During your appointment, you can ask your technician if there are any tips to maintain your appliances and avoid future damage. Your technician can also provide advice on caring for your appliances to prolong their lifespan and provide optimum performance. For example, your technician can show you how to clean your refrigerator condenser coils, which will help prevent your refrigerator from overheating and compromising efficiency.

Ensure You’re Protected

In addition to obtaining expert advice, your repair appointment also provides you with an opportunity to ensure that you’re protected. You can ask your technician about the ways you can be sure that your home and appliances are protected. During your appointment, you can renew any existing service agreements, purchase a new warranty or even consider a whole home warranty. This not only ensures that you’re protected, but could also provide you with an opportunity for money saving deals. For example, you may find that bundling multiple appliances under one warranty could create eligibility for a discounted rate.

Provide Feedback

Finally, be sure to take a little time to provide feedback or a review of your appointment after completion. Customer feedback helps repair companies ensure that client repair experiences are more efficient and offer even more exceptional service in the future.

There are a variety of benefits to regular servicing and educating yourself on the ways to get the best from your appointment.  This will ultimately help you to obtain the most functionality from your appliances. For practical advice, you can rely on a professional home appliance repair technician to help you.

For help with all of your appliance repair issues, be sure to speak to a professional appliance repair service.