Is Your Appliance Still Under Warranty

Regardless of the brand, you chose to purchase and the care you have taken, at some point it is inevitable that your appliance will develop some issues. Getting delivery of a new appliance is an exciting prospect, but many of us are guilty of immediately putting all the accompanying paperwork in a drawer and forgetting about it. This means that if a problem does develop, you may wonder whether your appliance is still under warranty or if you’ll need to pay for any repairs. So, here we will explore how to determine if your appliance is still covered.

Close up image of dryer with a warranty label in the center

Think About the Typical Warranty Period

If you’re having repair issues with your appliance within 30 days of its purchase, you can be completely confident that it’s still covered by the warranty. Given this short timeframe, you may even find that the retailer may offer a return or exchange according to their specific return policy.

Most appliance manufacturers provide a 1 year warranty, so if your purchase date was within the last 12 months, it’s likely to be covered.

Check Your User’s Manual or Receipt

While generalities can be useful to decide whether you need to hunt for your user manual or receipt, it’s still a good idea to find your paperwork and check the small print. Even if it has been over a year since you purchased your appliance, it may have been sold with an extended warranty or other coverage. The best way to determine this is to check your documentation. For this reason, it is always a good idea to keep all the documentation for your major appliances or any other high ticket items all in the same place.

Check the Manufacturer Website

If you still can’t find your paperwork for your purchase, don’t despair. The manufacturer’s website can provide a good resource and may be the next best thing. Most manufacturers provide details of the length of product warranties and if there are any extended warranty details. This can help to jog your memory about whether you purchased any extended coverage for your appliance.

Contact Your Retailer

If you need to retrieve the specific details for your purchase, you should try to contact your retailer. The retailer will be able to let you know about any customer programs that could provide you with an extended warranty or another type of coverage. Most retailers will retain customer transaction details, so they should be able to look up your purchase with your name, delivery details, and an approximate date.

Verify the Consumer Protection Offered by Your Credit Card

If you purchased your appliance with a credit card, you might have received additional protection. There is a significant number of credit card companies who offer free extended warranty coverage for larger ticket items. This could provide additional coverage for up to a year after the manufacturer’s warranty period as part of the standard consumer protection package. So, you may have had the additional coverage without even realizing it. You will need to contact your credit card company in order to determine if they offer this type of plan and if it applies to your appliance purchase.

Schedule Appliance Maintenance

While many consumers give very little thought to appliance repair until a breakdown issue occurs, a little forward planning can be invaluable. Regardless of whether your appliance warranty is still valid, it is a good idea to have your machine regularly serviced by an experienced factory authorized professional. This will not only ensure that your appliance continues to offer great performance, but also avoids potentially voiding an active warranty.

If you’re having difficulty with one of your appliances, you can depend on a professional factory authorized home appliance repair technician to provide an effective and long-lasting solution. For help with all your appliance repair needs, always reach out to a professional appliance repair service.