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At Universal Appliance Repair, our experience puts us above the competition in terms of home appliance maintenance and repair. For over 20 years, we’ve been providing exceptional appliance services to the Los Angeles area. With the hard work of our professional repair technicians, we’ve led the industry in quality and efficiency.

We understand that success lies in a satisfied client base; it is because of this that we reward our repeat clients with a membership in our popular loyalty program which give discounts off future repairs.

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Common Dryer Repair Issues Explored

Published: August 18, 2023
An electric clothes dryer can be a highly convenient addition to any home. While these appliances can last for many years, you may still encounter some minor issues during this lifespan. These issues may prevent your dryer from properly functioning a [...]

DIY Troubleshooting For Your Dryer Problems

Published: October 27, 2018
Most modern homeowners find themselves with loads of laundry. So, it can be very problematic when you find that your dryer is not actually heating. When you come to unload your appliance and find that your clothes are still wet after the cycle has fi [...]
Image of a washer and dryer

Tips to Keep Your Dryer in Great Condition

Published: May 12, 2018
For many of us, there is nothing nicer than putting on a warm shirt fresh out of the dryer. Dryers have become a vital appliance in many homes, but not everything in the modern world is built to last. So, if you want to minimize the risk of your drye [...]
Close up image of a dryer

Avoid Repairs with Washer and Dryer Maintenance

Published: April 26, 2018
While no one enjoys taking on more household chores, washer and dryer maintenance can reduce the number of times you’ll need to call in a repair technician. Even if you have a great repair technician, calling in for a repair can be time-consuming. [...]
Image of a washer and dryer

How to Maintain Your Washer and Dryer to Ensure Optimum Performance

Published: January 25, 2018
A washer and dryer are crucial components of a weekly cleaning routine, so if one of them stops working, it can create massive problems in the home. Not only is it a hassle to not be able to wash and dry your clothing, but replacing a damaged applian [...]
Image of an open dryer