Buying a Home? Be Sure to Evaluate Old Appliances

When you’re buying a home, there are so many things to check, an appliance inspection isn’t usually a high priority. Unfortunately, appliances work very hard to make our lives far easier, and a quick inspection can help a homeowner to avoid potentially expensive repairs.

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The New Homeowner Checklist

The importance of having old appliances inspected was highlighted in the New Homeowner Checklist. The checklist was compiled and published to help any new homeowners to navigate the daunting to do list that usually accompanies a move into a new home.

The checklist suggests taking an inventory of any appliances included in the sale and determining if they are actually needed or not. While this may seem obvious, many home buyers find themselves purchasing a home with the appliances included, not realizing they are paying a premium for this. After all, if you determine that you don’t want the old machines and would rather move with your current appliances or buy new, it creates a strong negotiating point to get the best deal on your new home. Although this may seem more inconvenient, it is less stress and hassle than finding out that the oven doesn’t work properly when you come to make dinner after a long day of moving.

Keep or Upgrade

Moving home is an ideal opportunity to assess your appliances and upgrade to new models. If your appliances are getting older, you’re likely to find that a new model offers better energy efficiency and may provide new features for added convenience. While upgrading to new appliances will add to your moving costs, you may be able to enjoy significant savings on your energy bills.

If you decide to keep your current appliances or the ones included in your new home, it is a good idea to have them inspected and serviced. If you’re moving your current appliances to your new home, a home appliance technician can not only ensure that they are serviced for optimum performance, but can also make sure that they are protected for the move.

Of course, if you do want to bring appliances into your new home, you will need to assess the logistics. You should look at the width of doorways and corridors that may make moving a new appliance challenging. Remember that custom cabinets can make appliance removal difficult and you may struggle to find a replacement that perfectly fits the space.

It is well worth taking the time to assess whether an older appliance is worth keeping or if it is time for a fresh start.

The Benefits of an Appliance Inspection

Beyond the inconvenience of not being able to use an appliance when you first move in, there are a number of benefits associated with taking the time to have an appliance inspection performed. Water hoses on washing machines can become damaged or cracked that can create a leak, and gas appliances need to be checked they are operating safely. An appliance inspection can provide you with the assurance that the machines in your new home are running efficiently and safely. Fortunately, an experienced home appliance technician can give you the confidence to know that your appliances are up to the challenging task of making your family life easier.

Buying a new home can be a daunting prospect, and with so many things to consider, it can be easy to overlook old appliances. Unfortunately, failing to assess the appliances could lead to costly repair bills, just as you’re trying to settle into your new home.

There is a variety of issues that can occur in older appliances, but a professional home appliance technician can be relied on for practical advice and help.

For help with all your appliance repair issues, be sure to speak to a professional appliance repair service.