Why Does Your Electric Cooktop Spark?

Today’s kitchen is an organized and efficient space, designed for optimal food preparation thanks to an array of innovative appliances. Many homeowners choose to outfit their spaces with an electric cooktop, and while these models offer the steady and consistent heat you need, they can also create sparks that bring danger into your home.

An electric cooktop that sparks is a relatively uncommon occurrence, but all it takes is one stray spark to ignite a kitchen fire. This electric cooktop repair problem is one you’ll want to resolve immediately, which is why we’ve compiled some helpful information on why your electric cooktop sparks.

Image of a stove top

Loose Connectors

In order for a traditional electric cooktop’s coil burners to work properly, they need to be tightly connected to the appliance itself. If your burner connectors are loose, the appliance may begin to create hazardous sparks.

Coil burners can loosen from their connectors for a few reasons. A common cause of this problem is using large or heavy cookware on small burners. The small burners are unable to handle the heft of big pots and pans, and when weighed down can pull away from their connectors. Loose connections also naturally occur over time thanks to the temperature fluctuations of your burners. To prevent this issue, be sure to inspect the coil burners whenever you clean your cooktop to ensure each is properly connected to the appliance. If you notice that your burners are always loose, you may need a professional appliance repair service to help replace the burner connectors.

Broken Electric Coils

The coil burners found in a traditional electric cooktop can provide steady and consistent heat, but not if they’re broken. In fact, broken coils commonly produce sparks that bring chaos to the kitchen.

Natural wear and tear can create cracks and bubbles in the cast iron of your electric coils, exposing the burner’s interior and potentially causing sparks. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair a broken coil burner. However, you should be able to easily purchase a replacement burner for your cooktop.

Frayed Or Broken Wires

Like many electrical appliances, an electric cooktop draws its power from a series of insulated wires, and problems with your unit’s wiring can create electric sparks in your kitchen.

It’s common for the insulation on your cooktop’s wires to wear down, fray or break over time, which can cause arcing or sparks. If your wires are broken, you should not bother trying to repair them. The intense heat produced by the cooktop will likely damage a repaired wire, meaning your problem will not be solved. Instead, you should completely replace the damaged wires, bringing safety back to your kitchen. Replacing cooktop wires is a difficult job for many homeowners, and is best left to a certified appliance repair specialist.

Defective Cooktop Components

Broken coils, frayed wires and loose burner connections are some of the most common causes of cooktop sparks, but sometimes, there’s no obvious cause to this issue. If this is the case, there is likely a problem with one of the unit’s internal components.

Any number of small problems can impact your cooktop’s operation, potentially resulting in sparks. If you cannot identify the cause of the problem, you should enlist assistance from a kitchen appliance repair expert. While a sparking cooktop can often be repaired, there is a chance that your appliance may need to be completely replaced. If so, consider using this online collection of cooktops to discover an exceptional new unit.

Electric Cooktop Repair Services For The Contemporary Kitchen

The cooktop is one of the most frequently used cooking appliances in your kitchen, and needs to operate properly at all times. A sparking electric cooktop can present a major fire hazard to your home, and by understanding the possible causes of the sparks, you’ll be perfectly prepared to remedy the situation.

If you need assistance resolving your cooktop problems, be sure to contact a professional appliance repair service.