Poor Appliance Installation May Cost You Thousands of Dollars

The right appliances can make life easier and more enjoyable. Modern appliances are designed to help you manage your home and a busy lifestyle. While many people spend days or even weeks agonizing over their choice of new appliance, they fail to also consider their installation. Investing in a new appliance can cost a pretty penny, but a poor installation may end up costing you thousands of dollars.

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Start With the Right Appliance

The key to avoiding losing thousands of dollars is to buy the right appliance. Although it may be tempting to shop at any bargain basement outlet, you cannot put a price on the expertise and experience of a fantastic retailer. The knowledgeable staff can advise you on whether a specific model is suitable for your unique home. Whether you need help determining if a particular model will fit in your kitchen to exploring the types of connections you’ll need, an experienced salesperson can help you ensure that you purchase the right appliance for your needs, or you could end up with costly repairs to your kitchen as you try to make it fit.

Avoid Damage

Even if you have decent DIY skills, you may still want to consider having a reputable and experienced professional install your new appliance. Even something seemingly easy to install such as a dishwasher is actually quite technical and can be very hard work for someone with little experience. If you make a mistake during the installation, there is a risk of leaking, wasted water and in a worst case scenario, damage to your home. Additionally, poor installation can result in your new appliance not operating at maximum capacity, which can contribute to higher energy bills. An experienced professional will ensure that the appliance is installed correctly and working correctly before they leave your home.

Protect Your Warranty

Every home appliance is supplied with a basic warranty, but some brands offer far more comprehensive protection. This is a valuable asset for your new purchase, but you do need to ensure that your coverage is protected. Some manufacturers have specific terms and conditions regarding the installation that could mean that you inadvertently invalidate your warranty. For example, if you have installed a new appliance yourself or had an unlicensed handyman complete the installation and a fault develops, you may find yourself with a costly repair bill.

Many manufacturers insist that a professional, licensed technician complete installations, servicing and any repairs to maintain the terms of the warranty. This is understandable as someone with little knowledge may cause damage during the installation that compromises the appliance. So, while you save a few dollars initially, it could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long term.

Ensure Your Home is Protected

Taking this one step further, you may find that your home insurance is invalidated if your new appliance was not installed by an authorized professional. Many insurers consider water or electrical damage resulting from an improper installation as not covered by home insurance policies. Even if your appliance is under warranty, you may find yourself with a major headache if that tiny leak that was not corrected during installation has cause drywall, and other materials to become water damaged over time. Having your new appliance installed by a licensed and experienced professional can keep you covered from an insurance standpoint and avoid potentially massive home repair bills if a fault does develop in the future.

There is a myriad of issues that can be caused by poor installation and could compromise your new appliance. For a long-lasting and effective solution to any installation or repair issues, you can rely on a professional home appliance technician to help you.

For help with any appliance installation issues, ensure that you speak to a professional appliance installation and repair service.