Why Is Your Front Loading Washer Taking Far Longer?

Front load washers have become more popular in recent years. They not only have a larger load capacity compared to top loaders, but tend to spin more efficiently and offer greater cleaning performance. Unfortunately, after you’ve been using your washer for a while, you may notice that it seems to be taking far longer to complete a cycle. So, here we will explore the reasons why your front loading washer may not be operating as it should.

Image of a washer and dryer

The Load is Larger

When you have a greater load capacity, it can be tempting to really load up your washer. Unfortunately, the larger the load, the longer it will take to wash properly. If the drum is overloaded as you’ve packed in clothing, the machine will not be able to properly circulate water and agitate the detergent. This can result in clothes that are not as clean as they should be and a longer cycle time. You are likely to get far better and quicker results by dividing your wash into smaller loads.

You’re Using Too Much Detergent

These days modern detergents are designed to work with more efficient modern washers. Using too much detergent or one not designed to use with front loading machines is likely to cause problems. Too much detergent will not lead to cleaner clothes, but it can actually create a residue of detergent remaining on your items. If you have a smart device, your washer may display a SUDS code, which indicates that the machine is struggling to remove the excess suds caused by too much detergent. This means that the machine will need to use more water to rinse the load and have to spin for longer, thereby increasing the overall cycle time.

Inadequate Water Supply

An excessively long wash cycle can also be a result of an inadequate water supply. If there is an accumulation of hard water minerals inside your supply pipe, the water going into your machine will be reduced. This means that it will take far longer to fill the machine and begin the wash cycle. This is a common problem in areas with very hard water, so you may need to have your water pipes checked and cleared of mineral deposits.

You’re Using the Wrong Program

Finally, you may find that you’re using the wrong program to wash your load. Most modern machines have a plethora of program selections to suit particular loads of item. If you’re washing your cotton items on a wool load, it is bound to take longer to complete the cycle. This can also cause damage to your clothing as it is being washed at the wrong temperature and spin settings. So, try not to get stuck in a rut of using the same program for everything. Instead, divide your laundry according to the material and wash requirements to choose the correct settings for the load. Remember that you can always opt for a half load or quick wash for smaller loads that just need to be freshened up.

If you’re still having difficulties with your front load washer taking too long to complete a cycle, it is a good idea to have your appliance checked. There are a number of potential faults that can cause a longer running cycle, so it is important to have it checked by an experienced professional. There are many repair issues that can be corrected with a long-lasting solution by a professional home appliance repair technician.

For help with any washing machine repair needs, ensure you speak to a professional appliance repair service.