Everyday Items That Should Stay Out of Your Washing Machine

Most of us have been washing clothes and other items for years. So, while you may consider yourself a washing warrior, you may be surprised that some everyday items should stay out of your washing machine.

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Flammable Stains

Unless you want to create a firework show worthy of the Fourth of July celebrations, you need to ensure that any flammable stains are kept away from your washing machine and dryer. This means traces of gasoline, cooking oil, motor oil, alcohol, and paint thinner should be rinsed from your clothing before you put them in the laundry. So, if you’ve had a mishap in the garage or have been doing some messy DIY, think twice before you throw your clothes straight in the washing machine.


We’ve all had experiences of trying to rush to get a load in the washing machine before you dash out. Unfortunately, this can lead to failing to check the pockets of your clothing. You’re likely to immediately notice that tell-tale jingle of coins rolling around inside your washing machine. This is not only going to mean that you may lose a dollar or two, but coins can have a detrimental effect on your washing machine. The coins, which are in essence small pieces of metal, will be whizzing around at speed inside the drum, particularly during the spin cycle. This can cause the drum to be dented or even cracked. Additionally, there is a risk of a coin finding its way out of the drum to gum up the mechanical works of your washing machine. So, do yourself a favor and keep a coin jar on your dresser and empty your pockets every time you undress.

Car Keys

Modern car keys are not just a piece of metal, but they also contain batteries and circuitry that are essential to get your car opened and started. Unfortunately, when you add water to this equation, you’re asking for trouble. Additionally, just as we discussed above, a car key flying around inside your washing machine could put your drum at risk of damage. So, keep a designated spot for all your keys, so they don’t end up left in pockets.Bra Underwires While you want to keep all your delicate undergarments clean, stray underwires can cause serious damage to your washing machine. Even if you don’t realize an underwire is coming loose, the spinning and movement of the wash cycle can force it out of your bra to wreak havoc on your washing machine, and the other items of clothing in the load. So, it is a good idea to invest in a delicate wash bag. These bags are designed to keep your small and delicate items safe during a wash cycle and will contain any loose underwires that may work loose to avoid damage.

Unexpected Things You Can Wash

It isn’t all bad news as there are some unexpected things that you can actually put in your washing machine to make your life a little easier. Most mop heads can be freshened up in a hot wash to extend their lifespan and ensure that your floors are sparkling clean. You can also wash those hard to clean stains and caked on food residue from your oven mitts.

While you’ll need to check the manufacturing instructions, you’re also likely to find that your yoga mat can be thrown into the wash with your gym clothes to clear up any sweat and perspiration. A quick wash is usually sufficient to clear any lingering germs, just be sure to lay the mat completely flat to dry.

If you are concerned that your washing machine has been damaged during use, for practical advice and guidance, you can rely on a professional home appliance technician to help you.

For help with all your appliance repair issues, be sure to speak to a professional appliance installation and repair service.