Does Your Garbage Disposal Need Repairs?

The modern kitchen is filled with advanced appliances that help you craft a host of delicious culinary creations, and nobody wants to cook in a dirty space. A powerful garbage disposal will ensure you eradicate the remnants of every meal you prepare, helping your kitchen remain a clean and sterile cooking environment. But you won’t be able to achieve that goal if your garbage disposal is broken.

The disposal is often an afterthought for many homeowners, who pay more attention to bigger appliances like the cooking range or refrigerator. But a broken garbage disposal can completely disrupt your cooking process. To help you understand your appliance, we’ve compiled some helpful information on signs that your garbage disposal needs repairs.

Image of oranges in a sink

Bad Odors From Your Sink

Have you noticed consistently bad stenches coming from your sink? These dishes could come from dirty dishes, but if you notice them all the time, it’s more likely that there is a problem with your garbage disposal.

It’s common for food waste to get trapped in your unit’s disposal lines, which can be very difficult to resolve. While flushing the lines with water may help, this is only a temporary fix. To solve this problem for good, you will need to disassemble the disposal, remove the food particles and reinstall your unit. This task is difficult for many homeowners, and if you need assistance, be sure to enlist a home appliance repair service.

Frequent Garbage Disposal Clogs

Today’s garbage disposals are designed to operate smoothly and efficiently, which can make a clogged disposal particularly frustrating.

A clogged garbage disposal is an obvious sign that you need repairs, and the extent of your repairs will depend on the severity and frequency of the clogs. If your unit occasionally clogs, you may need to simply dismantle the disposal and remove clogged food waste. Meanwhile, if you face frequent clogs you may need to invest in a larger garbage disposal. Small disposals cannot handle the heavy use that larger units can, putting stress on the appliance that causes clogs. For help in repairing or installing a new unit, you can contact a kitchen appliance repair expert.

Constant Garbage Disposal Leaks

Garbage disposal leaks can create dirty and disgusting puddles that damage your kitchen, and you’ll want to solve this problem fast.

While tightening the connection between the appliance and your sink can repair some disposal leaks, more serious leaks in the sink flange can be very expensive to repair. If your leak is particularly severe, you may be better off investing in a new disposal.

You should consult with a certified appliance repair technician before purchasing a new disposal, and if you need a new unit, you can explore options using this online collection of garbage disposals.

Effective Garbage Disposal Repairs For Your Kitchen

The garbage disposal is intended to eliminate messes within your kitchen, but a broken unit can do the exact opposite. With knowledge on some of the most common garbage disposal problems, you’ll be in the perfect position to repair the appliance yourself or contact a home appliance repair service to resolve your issue.