6 Common Freezer Repair Problems

Most homeowners don’t think of the freezer as a modern or advanced appliance, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to a host of design innovations and technological developments, today’s freezers operate with peak efficiency while offering advanced settings to help you perfectly preserve frozen foods and other items. Whether your refrigerator features a freezer compartment, or you own a standalone freezer, your unit will inevitably require maintenance or repairs at some point.

A faulty freezer can cause major problems in the kitchen, limiting your home’s supply of ice as well as your storage capabilities. To help you troubleshoot issues with your unit, we’ve compiled information on some of the most common freezer repair problems homeowners face.

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1. Freezer Is Not Running

Your freezer is useless if it isn’t running, and a freezer that simply won’t operate can be the result of a variety of causes.

Before investigating specific freezer components, you should ensure that the unit still has electrical power. Check that your freezer has not been unplugged from its electrical outlet, and if necessary, test that the outlet still provides electricity. If there is an issue with the outlet itself, you may need to contact an electrician for repairs.

If the outlet functions, but your freezer doesn’t, there is likely an issue with one or more of its internal components. Problems with the freezer’s electronic control board, cold control thermostat, defrost timer, or compressor can all result in a freezer that does not run or runs improperly. The sheer number of potential causes of this problem makes it best handled by a professional appliance repair service.

2. Frost Inside The Freezer

Frost inside your freezer is the result of warm, moist air that gets trapped in the unit when you open and close its door. Some frost in the freezer is normal, but too much frost can be a problem that ultimately damages your appliance.

Excessive frost within the freezer is often the result of a damaged freezer door or lid gasket. A faulty door or lid gasket can let in warm air while the freezer is closed, resulting in frost. If you notice damage to either of these parts, simply replace them to solve the problem.

Frost within the freezer can also be the result of a faulty freezer defrost sensor, heating element, or defrost timer. To investigate and resolve problems with these parts, you should contact a professional freezer repair technician.

3. Sheet Of Ice On The Bottom Of The Freezer

Some frost may be common within a freezer, but you definitely don’t want to open your appliance to find a fresh sheet of ice covering its bottom.

A sheet of ice in the bottom of the freezer is typically the result of a clogged defrost drain tube. Many modern upright freezers feature an automatic defrost feature, utilizing a defrost drain tube to transfer water that gathers in the evaporator drip tray to the drip pan near the compressor, where the water ultimately evaporates. If the drain tube is clogged, this water will puddle at the bottom of your unit and freeze.

To solve this issue, you can gently pour hot water down the defrost tube. This should clear out the tube, allowing water to pass through properly. If you do this and still notice sheets of ice in your machine, enlist assistance from a home appliance repair service.

4. Freezer Is Too Noisy

Just like your refrigerator, the freezer runs through its own cycles to ensure peak performance. Today’s freezers make minimal noise, and if your unit makes excessive noise while cycling, you probably have a problem with its internal components.

A noisy freezer is often the result of excessive frost on its evaporator. This frost can interfere with the freezer’s rotating fan, causing loud noises while operating. Frost can gather on or around the evaporator thanks to a number of faulty components including the defrost heater, defrost timer, or defrost sensor. This can be a tough problem to resolve for many homeowners, but help from an experienced freezer repair professional will ensure the job is completed correctly.

5. Freezer’s Interior Lights Don’t Work

Many freezers feature an interior light, and problems with an interior light can range from the common to the complex.

The most obvious solution to a light that won’t work is to replace the light bulb. Homeowners often forget they need to replace light bulbs within their freezer or refrigerator, and swapping out an old bulb for a new one will often solve the problem.

If your new light bulb doesn’t work, you may have a defective door switch. The door switch tells the appliance when the door is open and closed, triggering the interior light to turn on or off. You can replace a defective door switch to solve this problem. Faulty interior lights may also be the result of a malfunctioning freezer LED light board, which controls the voltage going to your unit’s lights. If you notice burn marks on the board, then you’ll definitely need to install a replacement. For further assistance, be sure to contact a factory-certified appliance repair service.

6. Freezer Is Too Warm

It goes without saying that a warm freezer can’t complete its job. Your appliance needs to offer the cold temperatures necessary for storing and preserving frozen items, and a warm appliance can be the result of various problems.

A warm freezer may be the result of a faulty thermostat, which controls the temperature within your unit. A malfunctioning thermostat will not recognize its temperature settings, and may not cool your appliance properly. You may also be experiencing issues with its temperature sensors, which monitor temperature within the freezer. A warm freezer may also be caused by bigger problems with your unit’s sealed refrigerant system. This issue can be particularly challenging, but a professional appliance repair technician should be able to find a solution.

It’s also worth remembering that the lifespan of a freezer unit is around 12 to 16 years. If you have an old appliance and are experiencing issues, you may want to upgrade to a more modern and advanced unit. You can explore a variety of premium freezers using this online freezer collection.

Comprehensive Freezer Repair Solutions For Today’s Homeowners

Ample freezer space brings an exceptional level of convenience to your home, allowing you to enjoy fresh ice, delicious frozen desserts, pre-prepared meals, and more. No home is complete without a functioning freezer, and by learning about some common freezer repair problems, you’ll be better prepared to research and employ a range of freezer repair solutions.

For further assistance with all your freezer repair needs, be sure to contact a professional appliance repair service.