This American story starts during the hectic times of World War II at an era where basic necessities were scarce and people went through life without common comforts that are now mostly taken for granted.

My father in his early 20’s, married with children and living in a very cold region of the world with few available natural resources. He longed for a warm home for his young family.

“Necessity is the Mother of All Inventions”. My Father, Mourad Demirjian, with a background as a plumber came up with an idea of using diesel fuel as a heat source. He realized that if he developed a way to control the amount of diesel fuel discharging he could achieve a constant flame. He developed a drip method system that could regulate the amount of fuel discharging. Then he designed a path of travel to allow the discharging fuel to flow into a welded metal chamber. Once capturing a clean burning flame and by using special louvers and heat transfer panels he was able to radiate constant heat into the room.

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Once that was achieved, next he set his sights on designing a special flue to exhaust fumes produced by the burning fuel out of the room. After a few adjustments he had created his viable fuel-efficient space heater.

My Mother, being the center of the community, had many friends and relatives stopping by for visits. Once they took notice of our warm home there was an immediate demand for my father’s new space heater. As you can imagine, my father left his job as a plumber to focus on building his new space heaters to fulfill the quick risings demand. Later models incorporated a glass window to view the burning flames and a hot plate on top to keep food warm. I remember as a small child using it to melt cheese on bread for a quick snack.

In the late 60’s my family immigrated to the United States. In the early 70’s we started building custom commercial cooking equipment. This led us to develop our own brand of a production line-up of cooking equipment based on those one-of-a kind designs, which is supplied nationally and internationally to the food service industry. Along with building quality equipment we have also built quality relationships. These relationships created another demand and inspired us to build our commercial grade residential cooking appliances.

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